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Best beaches in Rio de Janeiro: from famous to secret

Sun and sea: this is a combination that wins over many people. And how can we talk about the Marvelous City without mentioning it? The opportunity to visit the best beaches in Rio de Janeiro is one of the highlights of a trip to the city.

From the coolest to the ones that are a real find: there is no shortage of alternatives. And you can still enjoy them at any time of the year, since Rio’s temperatures tend to help in this regard.

Below, we have prepared a selection of the 11 best beaches in Rio de Janeiro to enjoy that “feet in the sand” atmosphere. Just choose your favorites and book a spot on your itinerary. Check it out!

1. Ipanema beach


Without a doubt, Ipanema Beach is one of the best-known names when we talk about the best beaches in Rio de Janeiro.

Bustling and youthful, the place attracts locals and tourists every day. Diversity takes over here. Sunbathing to perfect your tan, playing sports… Activities and styles share space on the sand.

There are three stations – 8, 9 and 10. Choosing the best location is up to personal taste. Stations 8 and 9 are generally quite busy spaces, while station 10 tends to be quieter.

In terms of infrastructure, Ipanema Beach also has a good service. It is easy to find chairs and tents for rent; street vendors; and kiosks spread throughout the entire length of the beachfront.

2. Arpoador Beach


Also among the best beaches in Rio de Janeiro, Arpoador Beach is right next to Ipanema Beach, almost an extension of it. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own charm. The sea has strong waves and is therefore a favorite among surfers. Surfboards can even be rented at the nearby stands.

And of course, once you’re there, you can’t miss the opportunity to watch the sunset. The sunset at Pedra do Arpoador, which is next to the beach, is a classic and rightly so. Day after day, tourists and locals gather to watch the spectacle put on by nature.

3. Copacabana Beach


Very close to Ipanema and Arpoador, another very famous scene appears. How can you visit Rio de Janeiro without taking a look at the Little Princess of the Sea? Copacabana beach It is a large area and is divided into 5 stations – 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. All the spaces have a constant flow of people. Therefore, if you prefer a more private area, a good idea is to go to the Leme region.

Copacabana is certainly one of the best beaches in Rio de Janeiro and offers great facilities for visitors. In addition to vendors and kiosks, the neighborhood itself offers restaurants and bars. However, since it is an area with great tourist appeal, prices tend to be high.

As with most beaches located in the South Zone, it is best to get there by public transport, taxi, or Uber. Avoid driving to avoid having to worry about parking.

4. Leblon Beach

A Leblon Beach It has the same beauty as its neighbors, but it stands out because it is a little less crowded. Therefore, it ends up being a good choice for those who prefer a quieter environment. This impression is intensified if the visit is during the week.

At stations 11 and 12, it is common to see an intimate atmosphere, with people relaxing in the sun or doing physical activities. The kiosks that make up the surrounding area offer a varied menu, both in terms of cuisine and drinks. In addition, there is no shortage of chairs and umbrellas for rent.

There are two subway stations near Leblon Beach: Garden of Allah It is Antero de Quental.

5. São Conrado Beach


Aerial view of São Conrado Beach, in Rio de Janeiro


Although it is less popular than the city’s famous beaches, Saint Conrad It is not lacking in charm. With a privileged view of Pedra da Gávea, the beach is home to sports enthusiasts and swimmers looking to escape the crowds.

The location is also a landing point for paragliding and hang-gliding flights that depart from Pedra Bonita, located a few kilometers away.

Access to kiosk infrastructure and services is not a problem in the area. However, it is less difficult when compared to Ipanema and Copacabana, for example. On the other hand, parking is easier in this region.

6. Red Beach


A Red Beach It is one of the best beaches in Rio de Janeiro. “Hidden” in the Urca neighborhood, at the foot of Sugarloaf Mountain, its strip of sand is small, but it offers incredible views.

Because of its size, it is best enjoyed during the week, when it is less crowded. The surrounding area has good facilities. In addition to kiosks, there is a restaurant nearby. Terra Brasilis. Interesting for those who want more elaborate dishes without having to leave the beach.

Another positive point is the safety factor, since it is located in a military area. Bathing, however, requires special care. The waters are not rough, but it is a steep beach. With each step, the sea gets deeper, so you need to be careful, especially with children.

There are bus lines to get there and the nearest metro station is Botafogo. On weekends, a small parking lot is available nearby.

7. Joatinga Beach

Panoramic image of Joatinga Beach


The little (and beautiful!) Joatinga Beach It is located within a gated community in the Joá neighborhood, but is accessible to the entire population.

The best way to visit the beach is by car (go early to get a spot); by bus (lines 557 or 332); or by taxi or app – in this case, try to arrange your return trip, since the cell phone signal on the beach is not the best. From the initial point of arrival, you will need to take a short walk.

Another important factor to take into consideration when planning your trip is the tide. On days when it is high, the sand simply disappears. It is also a good idea to bring your own snacks and chairs. There are no kiosks around the area and street vendors are more common during the summer.

8. Barra Beach

Aerial view of Barra Beach with Pedra da Gávea in the background


With 14 kilometers in length, the Barra da Tijuca Beach It is considered the largest beach in Rio de Janeiro and is also one of its best. Very popular with locals, activities here range from surfing to fishing. During the week, the place is quiet, but on sunny Saturdays and Sundays, it becomes a popular spot for the locals.

Its infrastructure is as great as its size. The entire beachfront has kiosks and it is easy to find a variety of rental services.

To get there, the car is a good alternative. Going by subway, the closest station is Ocean GardenO.

9. Reserva Beach

Sunny and calm day at Praia da Reserva


A Reserva Beach It is located after Praia da Barra, in an area that is far from shops and public transportation options. Therefore, the easiest way to get there is by car, either a taxi or a private car. If you are driving, be careful on weekends and holidays. The beach parking lot is small and tends to fill up quickly on these days.

Featuring a huge sea of ​​greenish waters, the environment is great for relaxing while drinking coconut water and thinking about life.

Although it does not have a large structure, there are some comfortable kiosks that are part of its shore. One of them is Seahorsewhich offers seafood-focused cuisine, live music and an outdoor lounge.

10.  Grumari Beach

Grumari wild beach seen from the sand


Grumari It is the perfect setting for those who enjoy wild beaches. A natural haven, it is located in an environmental preservation area, which maintains its untouched natural appearance and makes it one of the best beaches in Rio de Janeiro.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get there by public transport. The best option is by far to drive. During peak season, try to go early. This is because there is access control in the area. Once the number of people reaches a certain limit, entry is prohibited.

The facilities at Grumari Beach are naturally smaller than those at urban beaches. However, you can still find kiosks that offer snacks, meals and even showers. Most of them are located on the right side of the beach, which is usually more popular because the sea is less choppy.

11. Little Beach

Keeping the same style as Grumari Beach and right next to it, we have Prainha. Surrounded by hills, the beach’s view is already a delight in itself. Its sea has clear and clean waters, and is very popular with surfers due to its big waves.

For those who want to visit, the recommendation to arrive early has a reason that goes beyond parking. During the afternoon, the sun hides between the mountains, so the best time to enjoy it is in the morning.

Bustling or calm, urban or rustic: the interesting thing is that the best beaches in Rio de Janeiro manage to be versatile.

Enjoy the best beaces in Rio de Janeiro!

And you can even include more corners depending on your style. Adventurers might enjoy the trail along the wild beaches of Barra de Guaratiba, for example. Those who love the sea can extend their trip with a round trip along the beautiful beaches of Cable camp or Buzios. Bet on the ones that caught your attention the most and have a good trip!

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