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Discover Arraial do Cabo: Your Next Beach Getaway

Arraial do Cabo, in the Rio de Janeiro’s Lakes Region, is one of Brazil’s most stunning destinations. With easy access, low prices, sunny days, and breathtaking beaches, Arraial is perfect for anyone looking to relax. The clear, incredibly blue sea has earned Arraial the nickname “Brazilian Caribbean,” proudly displayed on the official welcome sign. This “warning” prepares visitors for the inevitable awe when they see Arraial’s first beach from the road. Once you get over the initial shock, explore paradises like Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia, Praia do Farol, and Praia do Forno. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with Arraial do Cabo too!

Things to Do in Arraial do Cabo

Figuring out what to do in Arraial do Cabo is easy! As a top beach destination, Arraial do Cabo attracts visitors with its beautiful beaches and Instagram-worthy scenery! The beaches here are special due to a unique phenomenon called upwelling, which brings deep, clear, nutrient-rich waters to the surface. This abundance of marine life makes Arraial do Cabo one of the best diving spots in the country. It’s perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling. The waters of Arraial do Cabo are home to amazing marine species like dolphins, orcas, and whales, offering an awe-inspiring spectacle!

To fully enjoy Arraial do Cabo’s sea, visit its beautiful beaches, and get a chance to see large marine animals, don’t miss a boat tour, one of the city’s top attractions. It’s worth noting that the stunning Praia do Farol is only accessible by boat, so make sure not to skip this tour! If you want a complete tour of Arraial do Cabo, consider a 4×4 ride with gorgeous viewpoints and incredible sights.

No trip to Arraial do Cabo is complete without watching a beautiful sunset. Great spots include Pontal do Atalaia, Praia Brava, and Praia Grande, where you can end a wonderful day. In the evening, relax in the town’s bars and restaurants and enjoy a good night’s sleep at one of Arraial do Cabo’s inns.

Best Beaches in Arraial do Cabo

The beaches are Arraial do Cabo’s main attractions, and each one is worth visiting! The top beaches are Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia, with its famous wooden staircase; Praia do Farol, only accessible by boat; and Praia do Forno, reachable by boat or trail with a beautiful viewpoint overlooking the sea. These three are must-visits!

After seeing the main beaches, check out the lively Prainha, the first beach you’ll see upon entering the town, with its beautiful blue sea; Praia Grande, with a vast stretch of sand and stunning sunsets; Praia Brava, a hidden gem; and Praia do Pontal, the first beach in Arraial do Cabo and an extension from Cabo Frio. Don’t miss Praia dos Anjos, where most boat tours depart.

When to Visit Arraial do Cabo

Arraial do Cabo is a great travel destination year-round. Every season has its charm, and you’ll always have a good time in Arraial do Cabo. Just be mindful of long weekends and school holidays, when the town gets crowded, and the beaches can be packed. If possible, plan your trip outside the peak season.

One thing to consider is the water temperature. Known for its cold sea (and it’s true), Arraial do Cabo is more inviting in the summer when the water is slightly warmer. Summer is also the rainy season, but it won’t ruin your trip, as the sun always shines in Arraial do Cabo.

Lodging in Arraial do Cabo

Arraial do Cabo has a good range of accommodations, including inns, hotels, and rental houses. The town’s vibe is not luxurious, and most accommodations are simple. The good news is that lodging prices are generally affordable, even for last-minute trips.

The beaches with the most lodging options are Praia dos Anjos, Prainha, and Praia Grande, with few beachfront choices. There are no hotels at Praia do Farol, Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia, Praia do Forno, or Praia Brava. At the top of Pontal do Atalaia, there are rental houses with stunning views, worth the splurge! If you don’t mind not being on the beach, the town center is a good option. The town is small, so you can walk to several beaches from the center.

How to Get to Arraial do Cabo

Arraial do Cabo is just 165 km from Rio de Janeiro, and you can get there by car, bus, transfer, or plane. Driving from Rio, take the Rio-Niterói Bridge, BR-101, Via Lagos (RJ-124), and RJ-140 in São Pedro da Aldeia. The road will bypass Cabo Frio and lead you to Arraial do Cabo.

If you prefer the bus, routes operate from Rio’s Novo Rio Bus Station and São Paulo’s Tietê Terminal. If there are no direct tickets to Arraial do Cabo, buy a ticket to Cabo Frio and take a taxi, Uber, or local bus for the final stretch. You can also book a transfer service from Rio.

For flights, you can choose between Cabo Frio Airport (CFB), 10 km from Arraial do Cabo, or Búzios Airport (BZC). Note that flights are limited, with some only available during the high season.

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